Back in Stockholm…

October 28th, 2013

by Miguel

Having worked with my co-founders for more than two years before creating Fidesmo, we have pretty much nailed down how to run a geographically-distributed team. But it is always good to meet in person, and sometimes even necessary: for example, to have a long architecture design session, review the company’s strategy, or simply to have the luxury of talking loudly at the same time around a table -it wouldn’t work on Skype, plus there is no way of making the gesture “I’m hitting this guy on the head with a baseball bat”, even using video conference-. You know, having strong feelings about almost everything and expressing passion but managing to get an agreement at the end is what makes a team work.

We took it so seriously, that when we finished there was no place left nearby still open to have some beers and relax a bit. Every day. And of course, we ended up more than once dining cold pizza at our office… it seems to be a rite of passage these days. So I couldn’t really enjoy much of Stockholm, a city I really love; especially in summer.

The nicest thing to report is the view from Fidesmo World Headquarters. Last time (so busy I forgot to blog) I could see a guy dressed as a viking warrior running across the park; this time we just had these gorgeous autumn colors… although wouldn’t a viking with an umbrella look really cool?