Fidesmo Android app v0.12.0

February 22nd, 2016

Version 0.12.0 of the Fidesmo Android app is a big release that we have been working on for over a month. Lots of stuff have been going on behind the curtains and we have updated and refactored some of our own systems and tools. We have finally introduced the first UI testing in the Android app using Robotium. (Don’t worry, all aspects of the Fidesmo platform that are actually important have full test coverage™). We have added push notifications and tried them out by notifying all active users about the new U2F app by Ledger (which you should totally buy for your Fidesmo card here: ). Some basic analytics are also finally in the Android app enabling us to see what is of interest to our users and what isn’t. So far we haven’t managed to make a distinction between us at Fidesmo and real users but ignoring that (very important and totally breaking) fact we are very happy about the average user session length in the app being above 10 minutes!


This release also uses the latest features from our open-source Nordpol library, including NfcGuideView. For us this means less proprietary code in our client and more community-tested code. Awesome. We also extended the reach of Nordpol’s TagArbiter to the app view and gave the very same a complete UI overhaul. Now when viewing an app in the Fidesmo store you are asked to tap your Fidesmo card. Thanks to this we can ensure that what we show is actually compatible and correct for your specific Fidesmo device. An example would be ensuring that users don’t have to pay twice for apps that are not paid for per instance but rather per card. As we now suddenly have some context we can also show the user if an app is installed. Thanks to TagArbiter the user doesn’t have to remove and put back (“re-tap”) the Fidesmo device in between these interactions. The Fidesmo app simply passes along the card between the different Activities and Fragments. While a few parts of the Fidesmo app still don’t use TagArbiter our goal is for the user to be able to hold up her card and simply move along through the app and the app doing its thing.

Get the app in Google Play Store here:
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PS. We are looking for two new developers for either our office in Madrid or Stockholm! Check out this site for all the info: