Fidesmo Android app v0.12.1

April 19th, 2016

Version 0.12.1 was supposed to be a small bug fix update. But when checking the changes that have happend since the last update it turned out to be quite a few. See the huge changelog below:

  • Roll back usage of TagArbiter for now.
  • Stop supporting NFC-less delivery
  • Remove starting the app with NFC
  • Stop supporting Phone-As-Card-Reader because it can break cards
  • Better phone number validation
  • Upgrade to Android Annotations 4
  • Track errors with Google Analytics
  • Improved Manual service delivery UI
  • Add credit card UI update
  • Reuse same app lists & give them a UI overhaul
  • Bug fixes, APK slimdown & dependency updates

Let’s pick apart some of these shall we.

We discovered a bug in TagArbiter that has yet to be patched. When a tag has been used, it can be used again, by getting it from the TagArbiter. If the tag has been removed, then the tag will still be forwarded from the TagArbiter, but may not be identified as invalid on some phones. It is only affecting apps that heavily use TagArbiter in multiple activities. Here is the issue in Nordpol:

We stopped supporting NFC less delivery in this release. Partially this was because it was not properly tested but also because we did not see any extensive usage of it anyway. It probably wont be missed, and if it is we have the alternative to use the web client at

We also removed the feature to launch the app by tapping a Fidesmo device to the phone. One reason for removal was that it annoyed some of our users and therefore we were about to set it to not be active by default. The second reason came after a bit more thinking: There currently is no reason to be able to that quickly launch the Fidesmo app. The way of launching an app from a tap should be used by apps that do something commonplace and for short interactions. Comparing the use case of for example generating new OTP codes for logging in to some service or paying for some groceries with bitcoin to what we do (for example installing the OpenPGP app) makes what we do sound pretty exceptional and probably not a daily interaction. If this should change we’ll of course roll this feature back!

A feature we recently launched and are sad to see gone is using an Android phone as a card reader through our app. We saw some adoption but also immediately several quite breaking issues and support cases. We can handle the support cases but one of the issues was putting the user information on the card at risk of destruction and therefore this feature had to go, for now. The feature was dear to us and lowered the barrier for developers to start with smart card development but we simply had to make the hard decision.

You should see a more stable, slimmer and better looking Fidesmo app than you have ever seen before with this update. We hope you enjoy it! Get it here: