Fidesmo now supports DESFire®!

August 30th, 2018

We are proud to announce a major addition to the functions offered by Fidesmo: MIFARE DESFire.
From now on, service providers using DESFire cards will be able to distribute remotely their services, via Fidesmo.
We have implemented it in a very simple way: we have added three operations to our public API (see,
– one to create a DESFire application on the Fidesmo-enabled device,
– a second one to delete it,
– and a third operation to send commands to the DESFire application: the same DESFire commands one would send to a reader communicating with a “traditional” DESFire card.
A somewhat longer technical description is available here:

MIFARE DESFire is a technology widely used in the public transportation, access control, event ticketing, closed-loop payments and other industries. Supporting DESFire is a major step towards bringing contactless services to any device, anywhere. Of course, besides DESFire services, Fidesmo-enabled devices will continue to host services based on other technologies, sharing the same secure chip.

We will soon offer through our online store contactless cards with DESFire capabilities, so that anyone interested will be able to experience how simple it is to distribute existing, or fully new, DESFire applications to contactless devices.

NXP®, MIFARE, and DESFire® are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.