About us

​The future is here and we are about giving it to you!

Fidesmo makes it easier to update and manage contactless devices and cards via mobile phone or other distribution channels. Fidesmo was founded in 2013 and its headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden.


Mattias Eld

CEO, Co-founder

A company is a loosely coupled system composed of the people working in it. Everyone knows that loose coupling is a great thing, but few realise how much work is required to keep a loosely coupled system in working order. Mattias’ main responsibility within Fidesmo is exactly this. He keeps the company in working order by making sure that everyone has everything they need to do a great job.
Tel: +46 730787307
Email: mattias.eld@fidesmo.com

Ellinor Rylander

PR and Marketing Manager

With a great passion for PR and meaningful marketing Ellinor is responsible for PR and Marketing at Fidesmo. Ellinor has experience in taking technology to the market that are currently a part of everyday life such as streamed movies (VoD) and broadband.
Tel: +46 705956888
Email: ellinor.rylander@fidesmo.com

Håkan Sahlén

VP Sales

Håkan is responsible for sales at Fidesmo. With experience from many years in the technology sector and retail industry Håkan has a broad network and knowledge in sales, negotiations, business development, and procurement.
Tel: +46 727326361
Email: hakan.sahlen@fidesmo.com

Lin Li

Head of Finance

Lin is a result oriented finance professional with solid experience in controlling, accounting and treasury in the digital start-up business. He is passionate about adding values to business organizations by building/improving financial transparency through processes and models, delivering insightful analysis and presentations, and leading change projects.

Miguel Cardo

CTO, Co-founder

Fidesmo has been an international company from day one, and Miguel is the man who made it so. Miguel is also the one who makes sure that we deliver on time with great quality! Apart from this, Miguel has been actively involved in the Mifare4Mobile technical committee and is an authority on smartcard technologies. Before co-founding Fidesmo, Miguel worked for Ericsson in solution design, product development and project management in the areas of telecom and mobile security.

Dejan Baca, PhD

Chief Security Officer

Dejan most recent position was as the Security Software Manager at Ericsson M-Commerce in Karlskrona, and he also has a PhD in Computer Security from the Blekinge Institute of Technology. It gives Dejan the perfect background for implement the certifications and integrations needed for future projects.

Theo Franzén

UX Designer

Theo is our in-house User Experience expert and aims to create simple and joyful experiences throughout the Fidesmo platform. Thoughtful interaction is at his core when he combines relevant functions with beautifully designed interfaces for our users.

Sergey Khrushak

Software Architect

Sergey has a broad experience developing scalable and highly available systems. Passionate about Scala and functional programming principles but always ready to try new languages and technologies. Likes clean and simple code and is always fighting for it. Software automation enthusiast.

Pepe García

Software Architect

Pepe writes, breathes and dreams in Scala. He can also code in many more programming languages (Groovy, Haskell, Python, Java, you-name-it), always willing to use the best tool for the task and keeping high code quality standards. Whenever you find an awesome tool or process, chances are that Pepe is behind it.

Anler Hernández Peral

Software Architect

Anler is a polyglot programmer passionate about functional programming and he likes to build software on top of simple and concise fundamentals. Also, he loves to share everything new he learns and introduce others into new programming paradigms.

Angel Anton

Software Architect

Anton recently discovered the reactive programming and only sees streams of data when he looks around. With a past in advertisement agencies, he is a Swift and Kotlin hooligan that still prefer to slice images by himself.

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Where to find us

Stockholm – HQ

Fidesmo AB
Regeringsgatan 111
111 39 Stockholm

Madrid – R&D

Fidesmo Iberia SLU
Calle Arlabán 7, oficina 60
28014 Madrid

Legal Information

Fidesmo AB is a corporation legally registered in Sweden.
The Board is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
Org. Number 556926-0978
VAT Number: SE556926097801