The Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features

​The second factor for Android

Fidesmo privacy feature graphic

The Fidesmo Card uses NFC to communicate with apps on your Android device. The Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features is a regular Fidesmo card but comes with two essential security applications pre-installed: a TOTP (Time-based One Time Passwords) generator and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). These apps enable you to easily add a secure second factor to your logins and sign and encrypt your emails (a total value of 6€!). Add more applications (such as a Bitcoin wallet) to your Fidesmo Card through the Fidesmo App Store.



Safe communication without recharging

The Fidesmo Card gathers power directly from the Android device when communicating with it. This removes the need for a battery which means it never needs to be recharged and can be as thin as a credit card. Don’t let that fool you though, its cryptographic processing capabilities are truly remarkable!


Decades of perfection

The design of the Fidesmo Card could be considered a homage to the credit card. The form factor has been perfected by the industry after decades of testing and still protects valuables around the world. The Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features has two color options: Ruby and Black. The colors feel fresh and make the card something special in your wallet. If bad luck strikes the advanced chip in the card can be cut in half with ordinary scissors and some force, rendering the information unrecoverable.


Android Smart Lock

Securely unlocking your Android device

Recent versions of Android will allow you to use your Fidesmo Card as the unlocking mechanism for your phone. This will render your phone useless to anyone who has unauthorized access to it unless they also have your Fidesmo Card. This feature is especially useful when used around other people as there is no pattern they can easily see. See this guide to get started!


Encrypting and signing your email

The included and pre-installed PGP app enables your Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features to encrypt messages to other people that only they are able to read as well as other people to send messages to you that are only decryptable by you. It also enables you to sign messages making sure that nobody can impersonate you, solving a growing problem in our connected world. See this guide to get started with your card’s PGP app and the open source Android apps OpenKeychain and K-9.


Logging you in, securely

Time-based One Time Passwords improve the security of services from Google, Facebook, Dropbox and many more. The OTP app included and pre-installed on your Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features securely generates codes for logging in to these services. To login to a service you’ll need to have the card around thereby stopping anyone without the card to do so! This guide shows you how to set up your Google account with your Fidesmo Card and OTP.

Ledger Unplugged

Bitcoin wallet

Store your Bitcoins securely on your Fidesmo Card! You can use it with several mobile wallets (Mycelium and GreenBits) to manage your account, protect your bitcoins and make safe payments. The app is available for purchase on the Fidesmo app store.

Fidesmo App Store

Providing up-to-date security

The Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features has full access to the Fidesmo app store enabling you to install new apps to it and add functionality. As more companies add their service to the Fidesmo App Store your Fidesmo Card will get more functionality. The future of your Fidesmo Card is a growing ecosystem of door keys, public transport tickets, universal two factor authentication and more services ready to be installed. We are starting out strong with a Bitcoin wallet app and a car sharing service with more apps being developed. Download the Android app on Google Play.