Public transport ticketing

Fidesmo transporting you

Anywhere, anytime

Forget all about ticketing machines, fiddling with change and long queues at 8 a.m. With Fidesmo every user has their very own ticketing machine right in their pocket: Their phone. Every Android phone suddenly becomes an advanced and secure ticketing machine making possible to purchase tickets in even the most remote of places.
Increase user convenience while decreasing operating costs: Fidesmo technology makes it possible!

Fidesmo integrates different types of contactless technologies in a single card, making interoperability a reality.

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One card, many cities

Putting all public transit tickets on the same card

Unlike traditional public transport cards the Fidesmo card can hold multiple applications at the same time, allowing users to travel seamlessly between cities and countries. The Fidesmo platform is built from the ground up to allow cross-border integrations. We are also bringing our platform to other form-factors such as smart watches, USB-tokens, implants and many more and we are actively looking for new opportunities. Whatever device the traveller uses, as long as it is Fidesmo enabled, it will work in your ticketing system!


A single tap allows viewing of a card's contents

Transport cards have now a user interface! The times when a traveller had to go to a station just to know the remaining travel balance are over: it is now possible to read the card’s contents using off-the-shelf Android devices, while maintaining a high security level.