Fidesmo for Devices

​Do you make a smart device? With Fidesmo inside it can be even smarter.

The Fidesmo Machine

Make your smart device come alive and make life easier for your customers. Fidesmo makes it possible to digitize and connect contactless cards and smart gadgets and fill them with new digital services.

Several services can then be in the same place and of the device choice of the customer.

Our technology can be found on all the gadgets that can be digitized, such as cards, bracelets, watches, USB sticks or any other suggestion of yours. Join our ecosystem and make your smart device even smarter.

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Featured case


An implantable NFC chip with Fidesmo for security, payment, and cryptography applications

Announced at CeBIT 2016 the VivoKey is an implantable chip developed by the American company Dangerous Things. Thanks to Fidesmo the implant will allow the user to install security services such as OTP, U2F, PKI and PGP. New services can be added to the implant after implantation which means once the chip is under the skin it can stay put. As new services are added to the Fidesmo platform they too can be added to the implant. Recent additions like Ledgers Bitcoin wallet are a testament to the power of the Fidesmo platform. The inability to physically access the chip combined with the fast pace of software development means that not being able to update the chip after implantation is unthinkable. The Fidesmo platform solves this in a beautiful and intuitive way ensuring users can utilize every aspect of their implant. The VivoKey will be available in an open beta in the fall of 2016. Read more about the VivoKey here.