Frequently asked questions

Common questions about Fidesmo, how the technology works and how you can use it.

About Fidesmo

Q: What does Fidesmo do?
A: Fidesmo integrates its ecosystem to several different service providers. We then provide a secure way for these service providers to add their data to a Fidesmo enabled device.
For example: we make it possible for Mastercard to remotely and securely put your creditcard information onto a Fidesmo enabled device.

Q: What services are in the Fidesmo ecosystem?
A: It’s a growing ecosystem and services are added ongoing. You can find anything between carpool access, security such as two factor authentication, and payment cards. To see the complete list download the Fidesmo app on your smartphone/tablet.

Q: What is a Fidesmo enabled device?
A: These are consumer devices that have a certified Secure Element in them and are enabled to work with Fidesmo. Look for the “Connects with Fidesmo” logo.

Q: Does Fidesmo sell devices?
A: There are a few Fidesmo specific devices such as the Fidesmo card. But primarily other device manufactures use Fidesmo technology in their solution. These devices have a Fidesmo logo on their box.

Q: How does Fidesmo handle my data?
A: See the privacy policy located here:

Using Fidesmo

Q: How do I add a service to my Fidesmo enabled device?
A: Download the Fidesmo smartphone app, alternative use the devise manufactures own app. Hold the device against the phone and the app will show which apps are installed. From the Fidesmo app store you can select any new services that you want to install. After collecting the necessary information the app will ask you to hold the device against the phone. It will then add new data to your device to enable your selected service.

Q: I do not have a NFC smartphone or BLE device?
A: Some device manufactures have Fidesmo kiosk in their store that allow you to add apps to the device onsite. Check with your device manufacturer.

Q: The app keeps saying “Put the device against the back of the phone and hold on”?
A: The NFC antenna of the device and the NFC reader on the smartphone are not aligned. Try moving the device to a different spot on the phone. For phones with a metal back-plate the NFC reader is usually around the camera. If you have a case on the phone try removing it.

Legal Information

Fidesmo AB is a corporation legally registered in Sweden.
The Board is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
Org. Number 556926-0978
VAT Number: SE556926097801