Fidesmo opens up for modern public transit tickets

​Stockholm, 20 September 2016

The entire German public transport system will through a cooperation between the German VDV eTicket Service and Fidesmo get new ways to use public transport with the help of modern technology. Travel with your watch, your bracelet or, if you want, your Fidesmo card on which you can store your ticket and other services.

Fidesmo has, as a World’s first, signed a platform provider agreement with German VDV eTicket Service. This will make it possible to use all Fidesmo enabled devices and cards in public transit systems that follow the VDV eTicket Service, which in turn opens up the possibility to use your watch, your bracelet or USB dongle as ticket holder.

Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin are among the 12 regions where VDV eTicket Service is represented. They will now all be opened up for the ticketing of the future.

The platform opens up for new types of partnerships and completely new constellations where companies that today issue their own cards or smart devices can, through this cooperation, host public transit tickets. Everything collected at the same place.

– With the VDV platform provider agreement we open up new eTicket distribution channels that will attract new users that are not current VDV eTicket holders, says Dr. Joseph Lutgen, Chief Scientist at VDV eTicket Service

– This is another step in our efforts to use our technology to collect multiple services on one card or device, says Mattias Eld, CEO Fidesmo.

Consumers choose ultimately for themselves if they want to have tickets on a physical card or for instance on smarter watches, bracelets or other devices.

For more information
Ellinor Rylander, PR and Marketing Manager, Fidesmo, or +46 70 595 68 88
Mattias Eld, CEO, Fidesmo, or +46 73 078 73 07

About Fidesmo
We want to replace all your cards with a single card or another device that is connected with Fidesmo. With Fidesmo you can use the same card for a variety of services. A card or a device that is connected with Fidesmo can be read and updated from handsets or the Internet. The platform consists of an Android application and back-end infrastructure to manage and deploy secure applications for contactless cards.

Fidesmo was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Stockholm, and R & D offices in Madrid. Read more on

About VDV eTicket Service
VDV eTicket Deutschland is a service partner and service provider for carriers and networks around the (((eTicket in Germany. In addition to the operation of the central systems and security management VDV eTicket Deutschland also gives service workshops and discuss all sorts of questions about the (((eTicket Germany. In addition, it coordinates the standardization of NFC in the German public transport. Read more on