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Many services, many devices

The Fidesmo platform and ecosystem make it possible to distribute several services to a device containing a secure chip. Connecting your service to the ecosystem enables the service to be loaded onto the existing device base already on the market plus all kinds of new devices coming out, keeping compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What services are on the chip?
A: It’s a growing ecosystem and services are added continuously. You can find anything between carpool access, security services such as two factor authentication, and bitcoin wallets.

Q: Can device holders add new services to chip after they are released?
A: Yes, using our or a device specific smartphone app the end user can load any service they want onto the chip, even if the service did not exist when the chip was added to the device. We use end-to-end encryption to securely add new services to the chip.

Q: If a public transport provider, ticket provider, arena service wishes to open up for more ways of store tickets is it possible?
A: Yes.

Q: How can a company providing contactless services connect to the Fidesmo ecosystem?
A: Start by visiting and having a look at the technical documentation. You can also sign up and get started with the tutorials. We are more than happy to assist with advice.

Q: Can all contacless services be on the Fidesmo ecosystem?
A: Yes, if your services are on MIFARE (Classic, DESFire or Plus), or just plain JavaCard, it is a very good chance. Talk to us and we will help!

Q: Can others get access to our data?
A: No. We don’t store user data in our systems. Data travels from the Service Provider to the secure chip protected by security keys unique to each device.

Featured case

VdV eTicket Service

Modern public transit tickets

“We open up new eTicket distribution channels that will attract new users that are not current VDV eTicket holders” Dr. Joseph Lutgen, Chief Scientist at VDV eTicket Service

Fidesmo opens up for modern public transit tickets. Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin are among the 12 regions where VDV eTicket Service is represented and VDV eTicket Service wants all to be opened up for the ticketing of the future.
Fidesmo has, as a world’s first, signed a platform provider agreement with German VDV eTicket Service. This will make it possible to use all Fidesmo enabled devices and cards in public transit systems that follow the VDV eTicket Service specifications, which in turn opens up the possibility to use your watch, your bracelet or USB dongle as ticket holder.
The platform enables new types of partnerships and completely new constellations where companies that today issue their own cards or smart devices can, through this cooperation, host public transit tickets. Everything collected at the same place.
Consumers choose ultimately for themselves if they want to have tickets on a physical card or for instance on smarter watches, bracelets or other devices.

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