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Paying with your Fidesmo device

Fidesmo Pay

With just a few taps you can put a reference (also called token) to your Mastercard® on your device that connects with Fidesmo. This process is called tokenization. You can still make payments with your physical Mastercard just as usual. Follow the steps below or let our how to video guide you through the process.

The credit card information is transferred to the phone and then a reference to it is put of the Fidesmo device.

Fidesmo Android app

  1. Open the Fidesmo Android app.
  2. Connect your Fidesmo device by following the instructions on screen.
  3. Pick Mastercard among the available services.
  4. Enter your credit card information as requested.
  5. Hold the Fidesmo device against the back of your phone.
  6. Wait until the reference/token is transferred to your Fidesmo device.
  7. Finished. You can now pay with your Fidesmo device by tapping it to a payment terminal.

Fidesmo Kiosk

  1. Select stores have a Fidesmo Kiosk. See the map below to find the one closest to you.
  2. Once at a Fidesmo Kiosk. Put the Fidesmo device on the reader when prompted.
  3. Enter the information as requested, for example credit card information.
  4. Wait until the token/reference is transferred to your Fidesmo device.
  5. Finished. You can now pay with your Fidesmo device by tapping it to a payment terminal.

Find your nearest Fidesmo kiosk


Q: How do I block the device from making payments?
A: Just like your credit card you block the device from making payments by contacting your bank. The device itself will not be blocked from further usage, but the payment card reference cannot be used for payment anymore. See customer care below for more information.

Q: Can I still use my physical payment card even though I blocked the reference/token from making payments?
A: Yes. the payment card can be used just as usual, it’s just the device that is blocked from making payments.

Q: Can I still use my Fidesmo device for payments after blocking my credit card?
A: No, blocking your credit card also makes the reference/token invalid.

Q: Do I need to use my pin code when I pay?
A: You’ll need your PIN when a purchase exceeds 200 SEK or every tenth purchase, whichever comes first, just like regular contactless payment.

Q: How is this secure?
A: Fidesmo is integrated to Mastercard in the same way as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. The device itself utilises the same security infrastructure as SIM cards and chip credit cards. Your credit card information is never transferred to the device either, only a reference (called token), which is then used to identify your credit card on a server during a purchase.

Q: Is it possible to add more than one payment card on my device?
A: No, initially Fidesmo devices will only support one payment card at the time. If you tokenize another card on the device, the previous one will be removed.

Q: How do I remove a token from my device?
A: You can use the Fidesmo app to remove the reference/token. You can also call your bank customer support and ask them to remove the token from your Fidesmo Pay device.

Q: Can I add payment to any Fidesmo device?
A: No, at the moment watches, rings and wristbands are the only devices that support payment.

Customer care

Material & warranty
If you have a material issue or warranty issue with your device that connects with Fidesmo, please contact the device manufacturer.

TRIWA supportpage
Kronaby supportpage

Lost or stolen device
If you lose your device, immediately contact your bank to block it. Tell the customer care to block the reference/token on your Fidesmo device.
(You can still use your physical payment card, even though you block the device from making payments)
SEB: +46 774 24 24 24

Problems with the tokenization process
If you encounter a problem when connecting your Fidesmo device or during the tokenization process please contact Fidesmo support at