Interested in a Fidesmo-enabled Yubikey?

June 22nd, 2015

Yubikey is a well known security device that generates one-time passwords, acting as a second authentication factor for secure log-in. There are USB-only and USB + NFC versions (the Yubikey NEO). They are used to login securely into Google, Facebook, GitHub, and to access corporate networks.

Together with Yubico we have designed a Yubikey NEO that is usable with the Fidesmo platform. This means that anyone can write their applications for the Yubikey using our SDK. Plus of course install any application available via the Fidesmo App: how cool can it be to open your Sunfleet car using the same key that logs you into your code repository?

We are planning to produce a batch of Fidesmo-enabled Yubikey NEOs, but before we would like to assess how many developers are interested in purchasing one. The price ($50) will be the same as for the original Yubikey NEO.

If you are interested, please write an email to or fill in this form. Expressing your interest does not imply an obligation to making a purchase, but it will help us with the production decision.