January update

February 1st, 2019

Welcome to the first Fidesmo monthly update focusing on events and insights from January 2019. These monthly updates will be written by me, Mattias Eld, CEO and co-founder of Fidesmo, to give you an insight into the company and the Fidesmo team.

So, let’s summarise the first month of 2019 – January!

After a short holiday break, we were back at the office to continue working with the Mastercard integration. We were eager to start the testing of the Fidesmo connected devices. We faced a lot of challenges – but with hard work comes progress, and results. We successfully tokenised payment cards onto wearables and went out performing tap and pay purchases all over Scandinavia. A huge milestone in Fidesmo’s history.

January also brought us a new collaboration, and we are happy to welcome the wearable company Invis Wearables to the Fidesmo family. We are looking forward to introducing payments and other contactless services into upcoming Invis products.

During 2018, we increased the Fidesmo team from 11 to 19 members, and we started 2019 by strengthening our team even further with two new members – Iván Rico and Nellie Granström. Iván Rico, Sales Manager Southern Europe, will make sure we meet the demand in southern Europe. Nellie Granström, Economy assistant and Office Manager, will be based at the Stockholm office and support our Head of Finance Lin Li.

My tip of the month is the Sparpodden episode “E-Kronans frammarsch” (in Swedish) together with Eva Juhlin, talking about the future of e-kronan. It is interesting to hear their vision of using IoT devices like watches and even implants as an integral part of their solution. Personally, I think that the Swedish e-krona initiative is going to be extremely interesting to follow, and it has a disruptive potential for the future Swedish payment landscape. Find the episode here.

2019 has really kick started and we will keep up the hard work for the rest of 2019 and forward. We are looking forward to what is to come, with new challenges, opportunities, hard work and progress – stay tuned!

Mattias Eld, CEO and co-founder
1/2 – 2019