Scala eXchange 2013

December 9th, 2013

by Petter

As a part of developing our software architecture me (Petter) and Fredrik visited this years’ Scala eXchange. A lot of the software we use to develop our systems was discussed, and especially interesting for us were the talks about Akka (Jonas Bonér), Spray (Mathias Doenitz) and Scalatest (Bill Venners) since these packages form the backbone of our solution. Another recurring topic was how different projects used the Scala type system together with implicits to form very powerful and easy to use (read integrate) APIs. We are already using implicits in the definition of our APIs, but I feel that my understanding of how to do this more efficiently expanded quite a lot. This means that not only will our code be more efficient and easier to maintain, but most likely this will also benefit people using our library with Scala.

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