Service Delivery API is now available on

April 23rd, 2014

by Mattias

As was previously discussed in our roadmap the Service Delivery API would be our next release, and we are now happy to announce that it is fully supported on, in the Fidesmo Backend server as well as in the Fidesmo App. With the Service Delivery API you as a developer can tie together multiple Transceive calls to Fidesmo API in a single session, allowing you to build complex services composed of several interactions with the card.

The Service Delivery flow is initiated by the Fidesmo App, which connects to the Fidesmo Backend server and notifies it that a user wants a specific service from a specific service provider. The service is identified by a Service ID, and the service provider by its Fidesmo ApplicationID. The Fidesmo Backend server then connects to the service provider, and gives it a Session ID together with the Service ID. The service provider can then make multiple calls to the Transceive API and by including the Session ID, they are all bound together. When the session is over, the service provider calls “/service/completed” on the Fidesmo Backend server.

In order to start using the Service Delivery API, you need to register a Service Delivery URL at The Service Delivery URL defines which URL the Fidesmo Backend server should call when your services are requested.

For more information about the Service Delivery API, head over to!