Stockholm start-up city!

April 26th, 2013

By Mattias

The last week and a half has been busy for people attending start-up events in Stockholm, including myself. First, on Tuesday last week, there was 33-listan, which is an event to celebrate the 33 most promising young companies in Sweden. On Saturday there was Start-Up Day 2013 (SUD13 for short), and finally Wednesday evening it was Start-up Grind with Hjalmar Winbladh at the Wrapp offices. All in all a crash introduction to the Stockholm start-up scene… and it is a start-up scene which is more than alive and kicking. Because below the big successful well-known companies (Klarna, Spotify, Wrapp, iZettle) there is a swarm of new and eager companies moving forward. (Fidesmo of course being one of them!)

33-listan is taking a broader view of companies and are not only focusing on “Internet”-business (for instance biotech and sustainability had quite a few representations), even though it is clear that much of the innovation is happening around the mobile phone and mobile Internet. The most relevant companies for Fidesmo were Findity (putting receipts into the cloud with the service “spara kvittot” = save the receipt), iZettle (turning the phone into a Point-of-Sale), Thingsquare (Internet of Things made easy) andWidespace (ad-broker platform). The first two show the trend in moving the wallet into your phone, the third of everything going connected, and the last one shows the viability of the hub-business model.

At SUD13, there was a massive attendance with 750 participants according to the organizers, and it was big. Lots of companies, investors and students, and mostly an Internet focus. The most interesting part were the investor pitches. Fishbrain and Osom, great pitches!

Finally on Wednesday evening I attended the Start-up Grind event with Hjalmar Winbladh. What an interesting event – Hjalmar speaking freely and openly about his career, the ups and downs with Sendit (acquired by Microsoft in 1999), Rebtel and even Wrapp! Very inspiring. And the best of all was his answer to the question what area he thought would be an interesting area to innovate around for new businesses. His response was “I am amazed that you still need to carry three things with you when you leave home: the smart phone, the wallet and the keys. I think that there is plenty of room for innovation there!” It seems like we are in the right spot!