The Fidesmo developer portal is open!

February 19th, 2014

by Mattias

Today Fidesmo is opening up its developer portal with the Transceive API for interested beta developers! The Transceive API is the first building block of many, but it nevertheless gives the developer a hint of what is expected in the future. The API allows a Service Provider to send APDUs from a backend server to a contactless card (or a Device Fidelity microSD-card) via an Android phone.

In future iterations we will release a Service Delivery API and a Mifare Classic API. The Service Delivery API will allow a Service Provider to bind multiple calls together and to perform payments. The Mifare Classic API will make it possible for the developer to use a Fidesmo card as a Mifare Classic card.

A crucial part of the Fidesmo Service is the Fidesmo app. It is now available on Google Play in an early alpha state.

We at Fidesmo are very excited about all the possibilities that these building blocks enable – now let’s see what we can build together!