The Higher Education Smart Campus Association (HESCA) meeting in Warwick

February 23rd, 2015

Both the two main Fidesmo propositions – use your mobile phone to interact with your Fidesmo card and use one card everywhere – rhymes very well with university use cases. In particular, the university is in most cases part of an extended ecosystem including for instance public transport ticketing, loyalty, ID and closed loop payments. In fact, at the HESCA15 meeting the three main themes are:

  • Tackling silo mentality
  • Addressing the smartphone revolution
  • Survey of supportable functions, including public transport: new ideas

The campus card industry is hence an interesting area for Fidesmo to learn more about, and also to inform the participants in the industry about the Fidesmo offering, and therefore Fidesmo is excited to participate at the HESCA15 meeting in Warwick, UK. Please come and visit our booth at HESCA15!