We love cloud services

April 15th, 2014

by Miguel

At Fidesmo we are strong believers in cloud services, and we use them a lot. This blog post is a big thank you to all our suppliers!

  • Squarespace, we love the simplicity you provide in bringing our website to life.
  • Github, we love the way you make our development work flow.
  • Travis CI, we love how fast and streamlined it is to deploy each code release.
  • Google Apps, we love how easy and affordable it is to have corporate email, calendar and shared drive space.
  • 3scale, we love the opportunity to outsource the non-core software components that we nevertheless need to publish and market the APIs to access our service.
  • Heroku, we love having a platform ready to deploy our software, letting us focus on creating a really cool service instead of configuring load balancers and firewalls.
  • Amazon, we love having all server resources we need, only a few commands away. And HSMs to store our precious keys.
  • HipChat, we love chatting in our private rooms.
  • Trello, we love sharing, prioritizing, organizing and assigning tasks… although not so much as marking them as “done”!