Why and how and you should protect your Facebook account

February 3rd, 2017

Last week Brad Hill, Security Engineer at Facebook, wrote a post. He recommends you to set up your online security with two-factor authentication (also referred to as login approvals) using a physical device.

The reason for this two-factor authentication recommendation is because we are careless. Most people have their username and password stored on the same phone or computer they want to keep secured. Access to the phone and computer is therefore enough to get control over your Facebook account. The historical way to solve this is to send a text message with a four digit code. But most people use their phones as the primary Facebook device so the text message doesn’t really add any security… Read the full story here:



How two-factor authentication works on the phone 

Logging into Facebook with login approvals active from a phone you’ll be prompted to tap your secure device to the phone. That is after entering your password – which is normally stored in memory. That way, even with access to your password and/or phone, a hacker can’t access your account without having your secure device.

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Facebook login approvals use the standard U2F that is widely supported including Google, Dropbox, Github and more.