Why we started Fidesmo

April 8th, 2013

By Mattias

One of the first questions people ask you when you say you have started a company: why did you do it? In our case, a lot of the people we know are also from the industry, and then the question might be something like: how are you going to make a difference, there has been many big players involved in NFC and it still hasn’t hit big time?

The reason is just that. We believe we can make a difference, since there are a lot of barriers when a Service Provider wants to launch an NFC based service. We want to reduce those barriers as much as possible, by all our means.

What I want to say with this is that for most Service Providers, launching an NFC based service will complement an already existing service such as a loyalty scheme, a ticketing solution, or access control system. We want to reduce the cost of adding NFC capabilities to the already existing system, fully knowing that there may be other additions or modifications required to the system that we can not control or impact.

How are we going to make a difference then? By being more open, by adhering to the Internet way of doing things, and by releasing software and services that hide all the complexity introduced by NFC, Global Platform standards, Mifare4Mobile v2.0, access to secure elements, etc.

We three, with our experience inside and outside of the industry, have long been baffled by the protectionist attitude from many of the participants. Why is it so hard to find good software libraries if you want to work with smart cards? Why aren’t they available for free?

We also think that as an independent, flexible startup we have a better chance than most established participants in the field: we do not have a legacy business to protect, a company strategy that might point towards other directions or a cost structure only allowing high-margin projects.

So in short, we started Fidesmo because we want to break down the barriers to launch NFC and secure element based services, and we will break down those barriers by releasing software and services. And we believe we will make a difference because we will work with a more Internet based approach, where software and services are made available for free or with low start up fees, and with the freedom of having no legacy!